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Imperial College London (I. McCulloch) brings extensive experience in synthesis, processing and functionalization of organic semiconductors in particular polymers and small molecules as hole transport layers for solar cells.

Iain McCulloch is currently Professor of Polymer Materials in the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London, having joined in October 2007. His research focus is in the development of high performance organic semiconductor materials for application in organic field effect transistors (OFET) and organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices.These activities are carried out in collaboration with colleagues within both the Physics and Chemistry Departments at Imperial College.
Iain is co-inventor on over 50 patent families filed from these research activities, and has published over 150 publications in peer reviewed journals. 

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Imperial College London (S. A. Haque) brings extensive expertise in the characterization and understanding of the underlying mechanisms of charge transfer kinetics in polymer and DSSC solar cells.

Dr. Haque is a Royal Society Research Fellow and Senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. He is a physical chemist with a particular interest in nanomaterials, molecular electronic materials and photochemistry.

His group's research activities include the function and development of solar cells based upon liquid processable hybrid inorganic / organic semiconducting materials and all-inorganic structures.

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 Personnel Involved:

Iain McCulloch Saif A. Haque Mindaugas Kirkus 
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