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Europe-based high-tech SME pioneering in the market of DSSCs with production facilities in Wales, UK.

Joins the consortium with their experience and know-how in solar cell design, manufacturing and commercialization.

Kethinni Chittibabu, Ph.D is currently working as Senior Director of R&D at G24i Power. 

He has Over 20 years of R & D experience in taking many concepts to funded research and subsequent scale up from lab to manufacturing. 

He was a co-founder, Director & Principal Scientist of Konarka Technologies.

Dr. Chittibabu has developed low temperature sintering technique, which helps in transferring dye-sensitized semiconductor nanoparticle-based solar cells onto flexible polymer substrates. He is actively involved in the materials and process research for facilitating fabrication of flexible solar cells. He has 14 issued patents, over 30 patent applications and over 40 publications in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. Dr. Chittibabu received his M.S. in chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India; M.S. in polymer science and technology from IIT, Delhi; and Ph.D. in polymer science/plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

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